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Review: Juliana Hatfield Rages on Pussycat

The 90’s indie Alt-Rock queen has returned with piss & vinegar.

Juliana Hatfield/Pussycat

Every era of music has its stars and its names that should have been stars.  Alt-rock queen Juliana Hatfield falls somewhere in between the two destinations.

A siren from the 90’s scene, Hatfield made noise with both her solo work and her ensemble moments with Blake Babies and her namesake trio.

She is Boston’s rock royalty and she is pissed the fuck off.

Pussycat is a hard album to digest. Although it’s largely directed at Donald Trump and the social crimes that he has committed against women, these songs are so raw that they will leave anyone with a certain level of discomfort.

Middle-of-the-road rocker “ When You’re A Star” is so descript that it hits the immediate rewind button  and takes listeners back to where they were when they first the words ‘grab her by the p***y.’

Great art is not easy to digest and is a reflection of the artist and the times.

Pussycat is the voice of the people that man the front lines at each and every protest.

That said, Pussycat does not come off as anti-man despite it’s weapons of verbal choice.

Songs such as “Short-Fingered Man” do a smash-up job of reminding us that these shots are anti-asshole.

Aggressive in spirit, but catchy enough to entrap, Pussycat is uncomfortable reflection on where we are today.

These are indeed comfortable days that we wake up to. As such, expect plenty more records to come down the pipeline that showcase individual perspectives on why things feel the way that they do.

Hopefully, each and every one of them will be as raw and honest as Pussycat is.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Stream: Juliana Hatfield Pussycat On Spotify


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