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New Zealand Rapper David Dallas Comes Through with ‘Fit In’

New Zealand Hip-Hop artist David Dallas recently released the music video for his new single “Fit In.”

New Zealand Hip-Hop artist David Dallas recently released the music video for his new single “Fit In”. He premiered the video last Monday, April 25th, on Mass Appeal. The song is the lead single off his newest project Hood Country Club.

 “Fit In” features smooth vocals from up-and-coming British singer Laurent John. While the song feels like a great dance track, the verses are too real. David raps about people who conform to what’s popular. He’s discussing a tale as old as time, where in general people repeatedly follow what the crowd does. Something that he’s not trying to do.
Very reminiscent of high school where everyone wants to be popular or at least be accepted. Unfortunately, sometimes what seems like only adolescent problems are actually issues that young adults and even older adults deal with too. Adults definitely feel the pressure of their peers and society trying to make them assimilate into the culture of doing what everyone else is doing.
People like to boast about being different and unique yet we all have smart phones because according to society we have to have the latest technology and stay connected to one another. And who hasn’t conceded to the whims of their friends? Do you even have friends or are they associates that you like to spend time with? It’s hard to know the difference sometimes.
If everything in fashion has been done before, then why are trends so important? Even if a piece of clothing that was once desired by millions is now considered outdated, the things that made it special don’t diminish. It’s popularity and desirability is now gone, but the craftsmanship and fabric quality still remains. Just like a person who isn’t desired is still special, and deserves to be treated with basic human respect and dignity.
David Dallas is the biggest Hip-Hop innovator out of New Zealand. He’s sold out shows across New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. David has also released three chart-topping albums and opened for superstars including Eminem and Hip-Hop supergroup, Run the Jewels, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is a part of.

His fourth studio album, Hood Country Club is the follow-up to is award-winning Falling Into Place. The new album touches everything from politics to personal issues. It features production from heavy hitters Styalz FuegoNic MSmokeyGotBeatz and longtime collaborators Fire & Ice. David pulls from sonic influences as broad as UK two-step and Trip-hop, to dusty samples over classic boom-bap drums.

David’s latest album, Hood Country Club, is available on iTunes and Spotify. He released the album on April 21st and is in the midst of planning a tour. Check out the music video for “Fit In” below:

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