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BBW’s Tami Roman Could Punch Jackie Christie

On the latest episode of VH1‘s reality television show ,Basketball Wives, Tami Roman finally confronts cast member Jackie Christie about the way she’s been handling an incident with BBW alumni Evelyn Lozada.

However, it wasn’t until Jackie showed up unwanted at Tami’s event that the “heavyweight champion” of the franchise had to let her know what time it was.

The episode starts off with Jackie being excited about the birth of her new grandchild. In the midst of the excitement, she decides to have a party.

Not for the new mother or the newborn child, but for herself becoming a grandmother, again. Makes sense, if you don’t throw a party for yourself who else is going to do it?

“Head Basketball Wife in Charge”, Shaunie O’Neal, and Miss “Non-MF Factor” Evelyn Lozado feel uncomfortable attending Jackie’s party. Mostly, since there’s been a lot of controversy over her kids and her grandchildren. The two decide not to attend in an effort to avoid any backlash that this party may inflict.

The story is that Jackie’s oldest daughter, Ta’Kari, have a strained relationship. Not too long ago Ta’Kari’s son suffered a serious injury and instead of calling her mother she took to the internet. She posted a GoFundMe page to pay for his medical expenses bills. Evelyn saw the page and donated $3,500 to Ta’Kari and her son. The goal for the page was set at $3,000.

In an effort to address the situation with Evelyn and clear the air, Jackie accidentally turned Tami from a friend into an enemy. Last episode, Tami found out that Evelyn and Jackie met via newcomer Bonnie-Jill Lafin;. a sportscaster and the girlfriend of retired NBA player Kareem Rush.

Bonnie-Jill inadvertently spilled the tea about Evelyn calling Tami messy and Jackie said nothing to defend her. From there, Tami made it a point to attend Jackies “Glam-Ma” party to check the woman who she thought was her friend. Needless to say, nothing was resolved.

Fast forward, Tami decided not to invite Jackie to an event for her new book Mistress 101Clearly, Jackie didn’t get the memo and decided to attend anyway.

In the middle of a discuss with Jackie, Tami makes it crystal clear that her relationship with Mrs. Christie initially came about from her friendship with her husband, retired NBA player Doug Christie. She lets Jackie know that she loves and respects herDoug and “would never want to punch his wife in the face”.

Wasn’t it polite of Tami to give a disclaimer before committing to the act? There’s no telling where things will go from here between these two ladies. But an all-out brawl is never out of the question with these broads.

Basketball Wives airs on Mondays, 9 PM EST/8 PM C on VH1.

Watch:Jackie Crash Tami’s Event

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