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Watch: Netflix Rolls Out Defenders Trailer

Netflix dropped the trailer for Marvel’s latest super-unit.

It took a lot of time for Netflix and Marvel to arrive here. The powerhouse media companies set the stage for Defenders by launching four series that were the building blocks for what is to come.

Due on August 18, Defenders will unite the stories of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Before the trailer drops below, a quick review of what has taken place thus far is in order.

Daredevil started off Netflix’s own MCU much like Iron Man did in the cinema.

Where previous attempts to take the character off the pages were nothing short of terrible, the pacing of this show was on-point.

Gritty and grounded, Daredevil set the bar very high.  Both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage did their thing as well.

The leads played into their own and joint stories well and fought hard to sell their humanity. As in the origin stories, the conflict between who they are and what they have become is a large part of what makes them who they are and what drew them together.

In Luke Cage’s run, villains such as Cottonmouth often based in the same light as  the title character giving it the feel of a true ensemble story.

The trio was let down however by Iron Fist. The latest piece of the puzzle is baby-shit-soft in every aspect of its first season.

The end result is sincerely sad. Iron Fist has many cult fans that waited a long time for his story to be told correctly. Key elements were changed and/or omitted and the lead Finn Jones is not convincing.

Every team has a weak link. By the time Defenders arrives, Jones will either get his ass handed to him by his cast members that are all-in or he will immerse himself deeper into his art.

The trailer itself makes swift work of tying up the loose ends of uniting the quartet. In August, we’ll get to see them shine.

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