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Retailer Zara Answers Sizing Dreams!

Online ordering can be a pain in the butt; every site seems different. Zara has just changed the game with their new virtual sizing system.

All of us have been in the situation where we think we have found the perfect outfit online and when we get the garment, it is too big, too small, or fits us just plain weird. The common solutions to this problem are; buy it in multiple sizes from the jump and send the rest back, buy the size we “think” will fit us based on other purchases and send it back if we have time, or hope that our “usual” size from other brands will fit.

Thankfully, Zara has eliminated most of the guessing game with their new virtual sizing system. When you find an item that you like, now you can click on the item and in the lower right corner, there is an illuminated blue button. When clicked, it will take you to a page, like the one below, where you can punch in your height and weight. Once that is done, you can also choose how you want the garment to fit. This sizing option is especially perfect for blazers and jackets like the one pictured. The program will calculate your height and weight along with your choice of fit and find your perfect size!



When you type in your height and weight, this second page will show up with your perfect size.



This can also be used with dresses, but unfortunately, it cannot be used on trousers or jeans which need to be a bit more precise in size. Even though this sizing tool cannot be used with pants, it is very handy indeed. Who says technology can’t come through with a win every now and again?

Check out to see their latest styles and try out this new handy tool!

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