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Review: The Afghan Whigs Pay Off In Spades

The Afghan Whigs/ In Spades/ Sub Pop

Truth in advertising, a dedicated Whigs fan is writing this review that perhaps should have been passed off to another writer.

Oh well, shit happens. The mantra pretty much sums up how singer/guitarist/ songwriter Greg Duli feels about passion and the end results of what happens to misplaced romance.

Their catalog is littered with classics torn from albums such as Black Love, 1965 and Gentlemen.

How does this translate as the band gets busy in their third decade?

They smartly stuck with the backbone of the sleazy barroom altfunkrock that made them infamous.

“Arabian Heights” makes it known early that with a little tweaking it could be the late 70’s again.  The wink and smile lyrics remain urgent.

Then you’ll swing on a string

If it breaks then you might feel better

Let the night decide

If you remain in this world


Taste your fear

They rely

On volunteers

Don’t you cum when they come for me

Get around it, love

Don’t let em know what you know

Duli is still doing a smashing job at writing soundtracks for Quentin Tarantino movies that haven’t been made yet.

His noir effect is always dripping in criminal behavior that stems from bad choices and the vices that accompany them.

In Spades is to smart of an album to exclusively keep doing the same old, same old.  “Toy Automatic” dare we say…feels a little hopeful…key word…little.

By the time the highlight worthy “The Spell” hits its obvious that the Whigs are still masters of their craft.

The burning and emotive ” I Got Lost” steals the show near the album’s closing moments and entrenches In Spades as another time-defying classic.

As “Into The Floor” sends the album off into the night, it closes the door on one chapter while leaving the door open for the next.

This story ain’t over by a long shot.

Stream: Afghan Whigs In Spades On Spotify


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