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Are Arctic Monkeys Recording A New Album?

Will one of the most coveted new era indie bands, The Arctic Monkeys, be gracing us with a new album soon?

After the critically acclaimed album ‘AM‘ of 2013 dropped, it seemed as though the Arctic Monkeys would for sure be right back in the studio with a high energy follow up. Instead, each of the members decided to work on other projects. This has left fans of the band gnawing at their nails, and impatiently waiting for new music from the trio.

There may be some hope for those of us playing their last album on repeat. As we all know the deserts of California are beautiful, which is why people and bands from all over the world travel there for the Coachella festival.

There happens to be a recording studio and creative space in the area right outside of Palm Springs called Rancho V.  Rancho V caters to all creatives including recording artists, photographers, and writers who require an inspiring space with gorgeous views.

A few weeks ago during the Coachella festival, Vlogger Fleur De Force was out at Rancho V, and it was revealed that the owner supposedly told some of the other ladies on the trip he recently recorded with the band.

Yes, this may just be wishful thinking, but a beautiful black and white picture of Alex Turner playing the piano with some recording equipment in the frame was posted by Alex’s good friend and designer Daniele Cavalli.

If this tells us anything, at least we know Alex is writing. If not for the Arctic Monkeys, maybe we will see more from The Last Shadow Puppets, but that is doubtful since their EP ‘The Dream Synopsis’ dropped last December. All we can do is hope that these little hints are in fact real and we get some new music soon. In the meantime, check out the hit from their album ‘AM’ ‘R U Mine?’

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