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Nicki Minaj Takes Care of Fans with Student Loans

The art of giving is the greatest of all.

Generosity is often the spontaneous result of what happens when someone in need lowers their barriers long enough to make a request of someone that is not in need.

On Saturday rapper/pop star Nicki Minaj gave her fans more than just a hot song or a banging show. She gave them a opportunity to continue their education.

The former performing arts-school student didn’t always have it easy.

As Minaj was online promoting a separate contest that is accepting submissions through her app, a curve ball was thrown into the mix.

After one fan requested help for school, the “Anaconda” singer laid down the rules for others that were in a similar situation as seen in the results below.

This scene played out for over a dozen kids until Minaj shut it down with round two coming at a later date.

Rap beef, hit records or whatever aside, this is the dopest thing that she could ever hope to be a part of.

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