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Final Episode of RHOA Season 9 Reunion Brings Shocking Revelations

And the crowd goes boom.

The fourth installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Reunion Special premiered Sunday night, and it was explosive. The question of who created the rumor about Kandi Burruss wanting to drug Porsha Williams was finally answered. Phaedra Parks was left holding the last pieces to the puzzle, unfortunately, she wasn’t in a talking mood.

The episode started off where the third installment left off. Porsha revealed that Phaedra was the one who told her that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug and take advantage of her. The entire cast was shocked, including the host Bravo‘s Andy Cohen. When cornered into a confession, Phaedra claims that she only repeated something that she heard. But that answer wasn’t good enough for Porsha aka “Frick”.

According to Porsha, Phaedra specifically told her that she heard the alleged drugging comment from Kandi’s mouth. She says that she asked Phaedra three times and each time it was clearly conveyed as first-hand information. Of course, the self-proclaimed “Southern Belle” had no recollection of these facts. With all eyes on her, Phaedra was able to keep a very good “poker face” and managed to make sure that her lips didn’t do too much moving.

Out of anger, Kandi exploded and had to remove herself from the set, which prompted the whole cast to take a break. While being held in a separate area she admitted that she wanted to “punch those hoes in the face”, and the only thing that was restraining her was the fact that everyone would say that she was wrong. Meanwhile, Porsha ran crying to her sister to express how used she felt by Phaedra. Equating herself as a pawn that was used to hurt Kandi.

When the ladies came back from break all attention returned to Phaedra, who couldn’t produce any real answers for the ladies or Andy. She stuck the story that she heard the rumor and repeated it Porsha, trying to be a good friend. She also admitted that she screwed up, but no one was buying anything that this attorney was selling.

The most disturbing thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that Phaedra is an attorney and knows how rumors of this magnitude can damage someone’s life. People sue every day over slander and defamation. Most of the cases are frivolous lawsuits, but in this case, no one would blame Kandi if she sued the crap out of both Porsha and Phaedra. Everyone knows that Kandi takes her businesses very seriously, not to mention she refuses to drink or do drugs. By spreading these rumors they accused her of being a rapist and it’s those type of lies that can ruin someone’s life.

Just thinking about it would make anyone want to slap someone with a lawsuit, or simply just slap them. However, most of the truth is now out and it’s no secret that Phaedra has since been let go from RHOA. Apparently, Bravo doesn’t play with rape allegations either. Though recently people are starting to think that all of this was just an opportunity to make room for NeNe Leakes to return. The RHOA alumni has not officially decided to come back but she has made it clear that she will require a substantial fee.

Check out this clip from Part 4 of the RHOA Reunion:

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