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Kandi Burruss Speaks Out on Her Thoughts of the RHOA Reunion

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss visited local Atlanta radio station V-103 to interview with hosts Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith.

\Kandi took a lot of hits this season and was the topic of discussion for numerous reasons. She discussed her thoughts on all of the messy drama that was displayed on the final episode of RHOA Season 9 Reunion Special.

The biggest topic on everyone’s mind is the reveal that former friend and castmate Phaedra Parks was behind the “drugging rumor”. There was a rumor that Kandi and her husband wanted to drug Porsha Williams and sexually take advantage of her. Kandi is very disappointed at the fact that Phaedra would go that far to damage her reputation. She was also worried that the rumor could damage her businesses and cause any investors to pull out.

Even more disappointing is the fact that Phaedra would have allowed the rumor to continue if Porsha hadn’t called her out. Kandi sent Porsha a “cease and desist” letter to keep her from repeating the rumor. Because of the letter, Porsha decided to have Phaedra speak on her behalf and in the process revealed that Phaedra was the one who told it to her. There were multiple opportunities for Phaedra to come clean during the show. Specifically, during the cast trip to Hawaii where Kandi pleaded with her to at least have her back on this one issue.

Phaedra not only made up the drugging rumor but also spread other lies about Kandi. During the same reunion episode, it was revealed that she was also behind the rumor concerning Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker. It was said that he frequently travels to New York City under the alias of Marvin to meet and have sex with other women. According to Kandi, that rumor wasn’t even remotely true since Todd doesn’t travel to NYC without her. Ever since his mother died he does not feel comfortable going to NYC unless Kandi agrees to accompany him.

Kandi also stated that she does not feel sorry for Porsha at all. The rumor was so unbelievable that she doesn’t understand how she could’ve believed it. Also, she doesn’t understand how Porsha could feel comfortable enough to say it on camera instead of pulling her to the side. Kandi included that her attornies have advised her to sue Porsha and possibly Phaedra, however she reluctant to do so becuase she claims that lawsuits are too stressful. She’s already dealing with a lawsuit by a former employee who claims that he was not paid proper.

Check out the clip below of Kandi’s radio interview at V-103 in Atlanta:

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