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Snap Chat Plastic Surgeon Dr. Miami Lands Reality Show

The Dr. makes dreams a reality

We TV’s newest reality television show, Dr. Miami gives a fresh perspective on medical reality shows. Not only does Dr. Miami have a wild and fun personality, it’s exciting to watch he will say or do next. After becoming infamous on Snap Chat, the good doctor is taking his talents from South Beach to the small screen.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as Dr. Miami, is a world-renowned celebrity plastic surgeon whose career spans almost two decades. He owns and operates his own plastic surgery practice, Bay Harbor Plastic Surgery Associates, located in the Bay Harbor Islands of South Florida’s Miami-Dade County. Dr. Miami gained fame on Snap Chat for broadcasting his surgeries live for the world to see. His surgeries were so popular that he eventually worked his way to having over 2 million viewers per day. Once We TV heard about this Snap Chat celebrity, the network wasted no time offering him a show of his own.

Though, Dr. Miami is not the first surgeon operate on reality television he’s the first to do it consistently on social media. Traditionally, the public doesn’t get all access passes to surgeries like breast augmentations, nose jobs, and Brazilian butt lifts. Shows like E!‘s Botched and Lifetime‘s Atlanta Plastic take viewers through the surgery process, but after editing only bits and pieces of the actual surgery is revealed.

Prior to landing the show, Dr, Miami was already a well-respected surgeon with celebrity clients. His expertise in rhinoplasties (nose job), breast augmentations, lifts and reductions, and body contouring earned him features on several national talk shows and major publications. He has appeared on TMZ, CNN, People Magazine, Star Magazine, OK! Magazine, The Steve Harvey Show, and Dr. Oz, just to name a few.

He joins the We TV family a co-executive producer of the show and shares the network with other hit reality shows like Braxton Family Values, Marriage Boot Camp, and Growing Up Hip Hop. The show premiered on March 31st and has ended its first season with only six episodes. However, the overall popularity of Dr. Miami and his show almost assures that he will be coming back for a second season.

We TV’s Dr. Miami airs Fridays at 10 PM EST/9 PM C. Visit We TV to learn more about Dr. Miami and his new show.

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