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Column: Fashion Desires Music: The Ultimate Love Story

The Serial Shopper


 The Serial Shopper is Salute Magazine’s new weekly column authored by Fashion Editor Money Jensen. The Serial Shopper is a weekly look into the mind of our quirky and eclectic Fashion Editor and her thoughts on the state of the fashion industry, fashion influencers, and controversial topics within. This week’s theme is Fashion Desires Music: The Ultimate Love Story.

As long as art has been around, music has been a heavy influence. No matter what type of art you create, there is a tune in the back of your mind, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but that tune is the soundtrack to your piece.

In a way, creativity desires the accompaniment of music. As a writer, certain types of music spurn different types of energy, and various topics arise. The same can be said about painting, drawing, and designing.

There are so many influential fashion designers that always have amazing songs that accompany their designs as the models walk the runway Karl Lagerfeld, Philipp Plein, and Donatella Versace just to name a few.

Some of them use songs that are popular at the moment, others use underground bands that we have never heard of, but one thing is sure; fashion and music have a love affair that knows no bounds. The desire and pull between the two is endless.

Because clothing is something we wear each day, I feel that some people forget that fashion is art and an expression of who we are as individuals. Just like the music we choose, our style gives the world a view of our mood; rebellious, sad, romantic these emotions can be displayed through our gray wool peacoat or the blaring of the Nine Inch Nails cover of ‘Hurt.’

As I mentioned earlier, there are many designers who one might say have ‘mastered’ the art of pairing their collections with music. But for me, there is only one that comes to mind in this category; Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang has come a long way since he stepped onto the scene fresh out of Parsons. But through his evolution as an artist, he has kept true to himself and his Bay Area roots through his music. His mix of hip-hop and techno is a testament to an eclectic upbringing in Sunny and diverse  Northern California.

Each season, I anxiously wonder what songs will be in his shows. Not only because I want to live inside his Spotify playlist, but because the songs he chooses always seem to set the mood for his collection.

If you are a lover of music, like myself, you would never have thought of Breathe by The Prodigy and ‘Sh*ttn on Em’ by Nicki Minaj being mixed in a runway mashup, and it seems natural, but Wang made it seem like a natural progression.

So with no further avail, here are my top 5 Alexander Wang Fashion shows:

5. Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

4.  Alexander Wang Spring 2017

3. Alexander Wang Fall 2016

2. Alexander Wang Spring 2016

1. Alexander Wang For Balenciaga Spring 2016

For his final collection with Balenciaga, Wang chose to mix the elegance of classical music with that of Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Tupac, and Dr. Dre.

This would seem strange if it were anyone else, but it was a fitting farewell to a brand that seemed as though it was constricting his creativity.

Through his collections, you can see the soul of a young free-spirited rebel; his music choices only solidify these thoughts.

I hope as he continues designing, he stays true to himself, his bad-ass taste in music, and his rebellious heart.

I hope you enjoyed my insight this week, return each Tuesday for more of The Serial Shopper.


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