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Column: Redefining Pop Culture

Culturally Speaking is Salute Magazine’s weekly catch-all column.

Culturally Speaking is Salute Magazine’s weekly catch-all column by Editor/Publisher Adrian Gregory Glover. Look for it each Thursday morning.

 What is pop culture? In the 21st Century, it is anything and everything. That is the point of this very portal.

This culture has become so hard to define that is ambiguity ironically enough created a system of walls designed to market chunks of it to certain segments of its population.

What I have found to be true in over two decades of writing about music, sports, fashion and beyond is that people are people and our instincts are communal.

This is why you have at least five social media apps on your phone right now.

Feelings of division and tribalism are trained behaviors they are not instinctual.

Anyone that has ever been to a local pre-K will explain that children in their purest form don’t see differences, they see friends.

And when others are not looking, everyone has songs on playlists, hard drives, CDs, vinyl and cassettes that reach across party lines.

Just like humans have differences in religion and shade, music features slight differences in tempo, chord progression, and levels of distortion.

But is the same notes and the same heartbeat that define it as music.

Our lives, our art, and our culture are wide open experiences, yet our system consistently forces us to make choices.

When it comes to athletics, yes a choice has to be made.  Somebody has to win, and someone has to lose, and spectators have zero interest in a game in which they are not invested in the outcome.

Figure in scenarios where regional pride, financial stability and watching one’s kids over or under achieve into the mix and it just it is what it is.

There are other situations where…not so much.

The old Marvel Comics versus DC Comics debate spans decades and has now spilled over onto the big screen. So bloody have those wars become that when artists,writers and filmmakers move from one logo to the next, there are voices that reach out and scream bloody murder.

The truth is that nobody is going to magically suck because they want to fulfill the desires of their bucket list and work with characters that they have dreamed about since they were kids.

As stated, this culture or ours is open. And as this column and this portal marches forward, it will do so without being interested in boundaries.

Hell, Salute almost launched without categories because it felt weird to rope off content yet someone was smart enough to fight for the term ‘user-friendly.’

Next Thursday, Culturally Speaking will take on a current topic that is impacting this wide open landscape.

Let’s do it for the culture.

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  1. Felicia M Ballet

    May 11, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!!! I’m looking forward to next week!!!

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