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‘Scandal’ Ending After Its Next Season

ABC‘s popular political drama Scandal is reportedly ending after the premiere of its seventh season. The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, has officially made up her mind to end its run. Her decision has been accepted by the network.

Many think that the main reason why Shonda has decided to send Scandal out with a bang is due to viewership. Currently, the show averages 5-7million total viewers, when at its peak it pulled in 12 million viewers.

And that was during the show’s fourth season back in 2014-2015. Both Shondaland favorites, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Mother have outperformed Scandal in total viewership.

Rhimes has previously admitted that she never thought that Scandal would be a long running show, mostly because of its high-stakes storylines. She’s always said that she has a clear vision in her head of how the show will end. However, after the election of President Donald Trump, Shonda confessed that she wasn’t so sure anymore.

Ever since it aired back in 2012, Scandal has become a huge phenomenon. It catapulted star Kerry Washington into the forefront of Hollywood actors. She became the first African-American woman to star in a network drama in 40 years. Her portrayal of D.C. fixer Olivia Pope has also won her many awards.

The show was one of the first television shows to capitalize on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to reach fans and boost viewership. It became a pillar of #TGIT which is the official hashtag for ABC’s night of Shondaland programing.  However, now that it’s leaving another show will have to take Scandal‘s place. Shonda is already discussing two new shows with the network. One is a Romeo and Juliet follow-up titled Still Star-Crossed, and the other is a comedy written by Scandal co-star Scott Foley, who plays Jake Ballard.

There are only three episodes left of the show’s sixth season. Scandal airs on Thursdays on ABC at 9 PM EST/8 PM CT.

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