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Giants Dealing with more than Even-Year Blues

Cups are filled with more tears than beers

The San Francisco Giants have started the season in less than perfect form, but it is an odd-year. And their outfield has suffered from multiple injuries so far.

This season has been a perfect storm; one that has capsized the boat and tossed the crew overboard. Nothing is going right for the team, and they find themselves with a measly 13-24 record. The Giants have been a contender in the NL West for what seems like the past 20-plus years, but 2017 has been unkind thus far.

There have been multiple issues that have plagued the Giants so far in 2017.

Odd Year

While it is no secret that the Giants had success during even-years between 2010-14, it is an odd-year in more than one way this season. The team looks slightly different on their roster in 2017, and they have jokingly struggled in odd-numbered years as of late.

This is more of a superstition than anything, but that is a huge part of baseball.


The Giants, much like the Seattle Mariners, have dealt with an abundance of injuries so far. Here is a list of the players that are currently on the disabled list.

Current Injuries Table
Name Last Updated Injury Type
Madison Bumgarner April 28, 2017 Shoulder
Conor Gillaspie May 11, 2017 Back
Aaron Hill April 25, 2017 Forearm
Mark Melancon May 10, 2017 Elbow
Jarrett Parker May 08, 2017 Collarbone
Will Smith April 02, 2017 Elbow
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Generated 5/13/2017.

The biggest injury out of the bunch is, by far, starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner. He is the leader of the pitching staff and clubhouse, but a dirt bike accident has cost him some time. The concept of day-off activities will likely be a talking point among management this offseason. But, catcher Buster Posey also missed time because of a concussion.

Jarrett Parker‘s injury is a big one as well because the outfielder was playing good baseball defensively this year. He went down with a broken clavicle after making an unbelievable catch in the outfield earlier in May. Parker is out until the end of June, or the Giants might choose to delay his return if they are out of the West race by then.


The past few seasons have shown the Giants’ ability to blow the game late. And the bullpen has continued that trend this season as well. San Francisco signed closer Mark Melancon (Pirates) this past offseason, but he is dealing with his own injuries now.

Last season, Sergio Romo and Santiago Casilla blew lat leads. This season it is different pitchers but the same story. It does not help that the team also carries a 4.58 ERA in 2017. At this point, their only option is to be sellers at the trade deadline.


Obviously, if team’s do not hit the ball, they also do not win games. The Giants have a team batting average of .228 (26th), and have scored a minuscule 120 (29th) runs in 37 games.

The best hitter has been Posey (.358 AVG), but no one has helped him out. If teams are smart, they will begin walking Posey to disable that threat.

Assuming the Giants are struggling at the trade deadline, this team might look a lot different at the end of July. And their even-year dynasty appears to be over. Giants fans may soon be crying in their beer that basketball season is over, and it is too bad the 49ers cannot give them something to look forward to.

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