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Watch: Iggy Pop Drops Trailer for Final Documentary

The master shares his farewell.

In 2016, punk pioneer Iggy Pop reeled in Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme to put together his last album Post Pop Depression.

The sessions for the record were allegedly epic enough to be committed to film. The documentary American Valhalla was co-directed by Homme.

The title is lifted from the album track of the same name.  Pop discussed the birth of the song with the Song Exploder podcast.

“The gestation of “American Valhalla” is as follows: Josh sent me a shitty demo labeled “Shitty Demo” that began with this steel drum and vibraphone motif,” Pop said. “That steel drum, that’s a really, really unusual melody.”

From there, Pop said he hunkered down in his car to add his flavor to the music after he texted Homme.

“This raises the question: Is there an American Valhalla? Where is it? What is it?” Pop texted to Homme. “After that exchange, I spent a day sitting in my car in the carport, coming up with words.”

The desire to openly share the creative process is a big part of what makes the documentary special.

The footage captured the making of the album and the tour leading up to a performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Love him or hate him, Iggy Pop gave the scene his all during his run that started with the seminal rage troupe The Stooges.

Pop is the rare figure that is worthy of the term icon. He can’t be duplicated or replaced/

Check out the trailer for Iggy Pop and Josh Homme’s  American Valhalla below.




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