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Footage Released of RHOA Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas Fighting

Footage concerning an incident that took place between the men of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of Atlanta has recently surfaced.  Peter Thomas, the ex-husband of RHOA cast member Cynthia Bailey and former boyfriend of Kenya Moore, Matt Jordan, got into a physical altercation during an interview at a radio station in Charlotte. A video was taken of the whole ordeal and Straight From the A editor, Michelle Brown, was the first to get her hands on it.

The video shows the two men engaged in an argument in the studio of Charlotte’s Power 98 FM radio station. The discussion gets very heated and the both men get out of their seats. Matt proceeds to call Peter an extremely inappropriate name while being held by the radio personality and another gentleman in the room. The radio personality attempts to calm Matt down to continue the conversation, but Matt wasn’t trying to hear all of that. He proceeds to call Peter names and eventually hurls a water bottle at him.

If things weren’t already going left, they took a major turn in that direction when Matt charged at Peter which started a full-out brawl in the studio. The two men were crashing into all sorts of expensive radio equipment while duking it out. It took another gentleman to come in and pull Matt away to end the fighting. Meanwhile, the radio personality was yelling for all type of help in disbelief of what had just gone down.

Before the footage of the fight was released Matt claimed that Peter attempted to conceal a knife. Peter admitted that he did own have a box cutter on him since he owns a restaurant and knife club. However, he claims that he only pulled it out for self-defense purposes.  In the video, Peter can be seen holding the object in his hand during the altercation.

Apparently, the argument was over the allegations that Peter and Kandi Burruss‘ husband Todd Tucker coached Matt into getting $10K from Kenya Moore. He also was complained about the fact that Peter and Todd had a larger ‘voice’ than he did last season. Which is kind of ludicrous since they were both husbands who already appeared on the show for multiple seasons? Matt, on the other hand, is just a boyfriend who had limited camera time. Not to mention nobody believed that he was actually Kenya’s boyfriend given her history of only having relationships for the camera.

Does anyone remember Walter from Kenya’s first season on the show? Kenya tried to portray her relationship with him as one that was serious and possibly heading toward marriage. However, the truth later came out that she used him for her image on the show. Walter himself even stated that they were never in a real relationship. Confirmation of his statement comes from that fact that anyone who in Atlanta who is familiar with Walter knows that he doesn’t even date women Kenya’s age. He prefers the young tenderoni and is frequently seen out in and about with women who look like recent college graduates. Shout out to all the ladies who have their degrees.


Other sources have reported that Peter has since filed an assault charge against Matt. According to Straight From The A, Matt tried to issue a “cease and desist” letter to Peter to prevent the footage of their fight from being released to the public.

Check out the video of the fight below provided by Straight The From The A:





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