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Review: DREAMCAR Kills The Past on Debut

DREAMCAR shakes supergroup tag.

Its currently semi-fashionable to embrace the 80’s and the audio that fueled the darker side of that decade.

DREAMCAR embraces the melancholy of bands such as New Order, Bauhaus and Joy Division without completely bowing at their respective alters.

Their ability to switch gears emotionally as evidenced on “After I Confessed” and “Kill For Candy” is their real calling card.

Where “After I Confessed” starts the show with lyrical themes and chord progressions that feel like midnight, “Kill For Candy” is optimistic and uplifting.

A number of these songs could easily provide musical beds for a number of key scenes from John Hughes classic films.

DREAMCAR is a complete throwback. They certainly don’t operate like a a cover band that simply put a new skin on their favorite songs.

It’s not that simple.

What is simple is that their past and present musical pursuits don’t cast a heavy shadow on this album.

Only the first 12 bars of “On The Charts” gives pause to instinctually question if some old demos didn’t go to waste.

As one of the most memorable albums of 2017, DREAMCAR will coast into a lot of replay city as the summer approaches.

The danceable numbers like “The Preferred” will split audiences between alt-rock, crossover and EDM heads.

There is a lot to like here for a variety of reasons. These things tend to happen when the end result of a project is this honest, this current and yet this organically nostalgic.

File this under good shit. Clap it up.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Stream: DREAMCAR Debut LP

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