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Holy Homewrecker! Saniy’yah Samaa Joins Basketball Wives Season 6

Celebrity stylist, Saniy’yah Samaa Dodson has joined the current season of VH1‘s Basketball Wives. During the latest episode, of the show, she reveals that she once dated a highly ranked NBA player who had three kids. Now everyone is trying to figure who is this mystery man. BBW creator and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal seems to know.

Saniy’yah was originally brought on BBW during a previous episode as a celebrity stylist for hire. Evenly Lozada wanted her to give newcomer, Christen Metoyer, a make-over. Ms. Lozada determined that Christen was beautiful but need a push to get herself together. Unfortunately, Saniy’yah was not the right girl to aid with the push. Instead, she insulted her by saying that Christen might not have enough to buy clothes and then proceeded to tell her that she had no style.

After causing all this trouble, Saniy’yah was invited by Jackie Christie to stay for the dinner with the other girls. While at the table she began to tell the girls about her past relationship with an NBA player. Homegirl told these ladies everything but the guy’s actual name. The “Blue’s Clues” is that he was a top player, had three, kids, had a baby mama, but wasn’t married at the time, and she messed with the dude up until two days before his wedding day.

Fans of the show have pegged Lebron James as the man in question. However, judging by the clues that Saniy’yahgave the man had three kids before his wedding. At least that how it was interrupted. Lebron has three kids, but his third didn’t come until almost four years after his wedding day. While the public thinks it’s Lebron, many outlets are confirming that she was the former side chick to Allen Iverson. He has three daughters with his ex-wife. Since he’s divorced now, Saniy’yah can have him if she still loves. him.

Saniy’yah has reported been linked to other celebrity men like rappers Fabolous and Meek Mill. She’s also been seen hanging out with JuJu, who’s rapper Cameron’s fiancé.

Check out a click of Saniy’yah from previous episodes:

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