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Column: Trump (Budget) Hates Poor People

The Trickle Down

The Trickle Down is Salute Magazine’s  weekly column by Political Writer Amanda Godula.  The Trickle Down is a weekly look into what’s need-to-know, fresh takes on trends, and the inevitable controversies from the political arena.  Let’s dig in and see what’s happening this week: Trump (Budget) Hates Poor People.

What happens when you cut funding for the poor, needy, elderly, and disabled, but claim it’ll boost the economy?  Trumponomics.  And, punishing poor people for being poor.

We’re living in a time when our politicians pass a health care bill that negatively impacts seniors, and cuts Medicaid while giving tax cuts to the wealthy.  The people who need the most help are seemingly the target of President Donald Trump.  Tuesday, he released his budget proposal, again targeting the poor, needy, etc.

So, I ask, Trump, what’s your beef with the unwealthy?

Vice News reports, “[The budget] proposes cutting $1.7 trillion from anti-poverty programs over the next decade, targeting Medicaid with at least $800 billion in cuts, food stamps with a reported $193 billion in cuts, and disability payments, which Mulvaney says will help get able-bodied people back to work.”

Ironically, job training grant cuts will total $1 billion next year.  Never mind that SNAP, what we knew as the Food Stamp Program, requires that able-bodied people without dependents are required to work already in order to receive assistance.  But, who’s actually checking facts?

These cuts are targeting the faction that needs help the most.  America is a country with more than 40 million living in poverty.  States like West Virginia, which has one of the highest poverty numbers in the country, could suffer most.  West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, a sometimes Trump supporter, recognizes that this would be detrimental to his constituents.

All the cuts for all the services for some of the neediest people in this country — I have quite a large delegation in my state. They’re going to be hurt.”

Pew Research shows that America’s middle class is shrinking – and it’s not because more are joining the upper-class.  Pew cites research explaining that economic growth is unlikely without a strong middle class.  Experts, like former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, agree and have made a career from this notion.  (Watch Reich’s documentary Inequality for All for further exploration into this topic.)

Why do we need to hurt the poor in order to help the wealthy?  Trump’s policies keep showing his favoritism to those who fall into the latter; the ones that don’t need his help.

His seeming dislike of those in poverty isn’t recent.  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah found an interview with the New York Times where Trump calls the poor morons.

This is most ironic because Trump thinks he is a very good Christian.  He’ll even tell you.

“I’m a very good Christian,” he says.  Because Jesus loves rich people?  When did Jesus oppose helping the poor and needy?

Let’s call a spade a spade – Trump likes the wealthy and is waging war on the poor.

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