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Rapper Otis Clapp Releases His New EP “Helen Keller”

Queens Rapper Otis Clapp recently released his new EP Helen Keller. Inspired by the famed author and political activist, known for being the first deaf and blind person ever to earn a bachelor of arts degree. The EP is a collection of eclectic Hip-Hop tracks that speak to Otis’ frustration from being misunderstood and often unheard. He’s already gotten a nod from comedian Amy Schumer.

Otis has spent the past few years working behind the scenes, producing, mixing, and master music for other artists. He executive produced three projects for YC The Cynic (now known as Kemba), including his 2013 GNK album. He’s even shared stages with notable artists such as Ab-SoulAction BronsonDiploJ.ColeMac Miller. Now, it’s time for him to come out of the shadows and step into the spotlight.

At a young age, Otis clung to music as a way to cope with his unstable and abusive household. He would participate in lunchroom cyphers and scribble rhymes in the back of the classroom. After hearing Common and Sadat-X on “1999” that he realized he wanted a career in Hip-Hop. Which led to him writing, producing, mixing, and mastering his own music.

Besides constantly making music, Otis has been working on his stage presence by performing in live shows. You so spend so much time behind-the-scenes, you have to make sure you’re up on your game in front of crowds and cameras. Can’t be the rapper with stage fright, right? That’s like being a model who’s afraid to walk or pose in front of people.

Otis was featured as one of’s “Top 50 Underground Artists” in 2011 and 2012. He also performed alongside YC at the Heineken Green Room with Ghostface Killah and performed at the 2015 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Helen Keller is available now on Soundcloud. Otis plans on dropping two more projects before the end of the year.

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