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Velvet Winter Captivates Us with Her ‘Crystal Heart’

Los Angeles indie rocker, Velvet Winter, recently released the visuals to her first single “Crystal Heart”. The song is one aspect of a project that features elements of jazz, pop, and electric.

With smooth vocals and inviting instrumentals “Crystal Heart” is easily appealing to the ears. Listening to the song it sounds like a cross between Pat Benatar and Johnny Cash. The instruments give a Johnny Cash/country music vibe. Though the song isn’t country, it sure would sound good while riding down a dirt road. It’s also very reminiscent of Pat Benatar’s music and the way her voice always complimented the instrumentals and vice-versa. Plus, the lyrics are strong with the strong feminine rocker style that we’ve all come to love Pat for.

Though the vocals are a lot smoother than Pat’s voice, the power is still there. The music video also harbors powerful symbolism in the way that it presents the elements. It displays the cool and serene ocean and then intense fire. The visuals allude to balance, and in every scene Velvet Winter seems ethereal and powerful at the same time.

At first mention, people might think that Velvet Winter is a band or a group of people, however, the name is simply the alter-ego to singer/songwriter Talon Majors. She came to Los Angeles by way of Colorado. Talon started off as a musician who was able to play the alto and tenor saxophone at as a teenager. Through a family member, she was gifted her first drum, which led to her rebellious “garage band” phase. Eventually, she began songwriting after moving to Los Angeles.

While living it up as an “L.A. girl” she found herself in an endless cycle of drink and anxiety medications. A period of time that has great influence over her music. It inspired her to inspire others who battle addiction, depression, and other disorders. It took a nearly fatal health scare for her to clean up her act and in 2015 Talon recorded an EP with producer Doug Grean. It featured three songs.

This year, Talon is working on a project under the name Velvet Winter, while working with producers Andrew Furze and Todd Bergman.

Check out everything Velvet Winter on her website or on Facebook and Instagram.


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