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Atlanta R&B/Soul Artist Danii Roundtree is Set to Release Album This Summer

Atlanta R&B/Soul/Jazz/Pop artist, Danii Roundtree, is preparing to release her debut album this Summer. The album is entitled Memoirs.

The title of the album fits in perfectly with the music Danii’s putting out. She’s an old school jazz enthusiast who takes pride in her showmanship. Obviously, her music is heavily influenced by Blues, Jazz, and Soul. The most refreshing thing about her music his how lively her instrumentals are. You’d think she had a full band behind her in the recording studio. Similar to the film Cadillac Records, which showed how Etta James, played by Beyoncé, sang in the recording studio with a band or orchestra. That’s what Danii is giving. She makes it seem like she’s singing with a jazz band behind.

“Crave” is Danii’s first single off the upcoming album. She sounds like a jazzy version of The Supremes, all by herself. The track of is very reminiscent of something that Solangé would’ve done around the same time that she had released “I Decided”. Surprisingly, this song is all about the vocals. The track is smooth and subtle which gives all the attention to Danii’s voice. And she’s really giving it her all to captivate her audience.

Danii admits that Memoirs is basically a collection of personal stories from her life that she transformed into music. Most of the songs are versions of love stories. Listening to the album is like watching a film with your ears. It’s almost like listening to an audiobook and being able to envision everything that’s happening.

Since 2009, Danii has been very active in the music industry. After being a top 100 contestant on American Idol‘s 8th season, She went on to pay her dues by performing live at festivals, events, various music venues. Prior to being an artist, she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. Recently, Danii has been spending more time in the studio writing and recording. Her hard work has earned her a devoted fan base

Danii will also be performing this year at the 40th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival on May 28th. She is releasing her album Memoirs later in the Summer, but her single “Crave” is currently available on SoundCloud.

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