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‘Little Women: Atlanta’ Go at It During Season 3 Reunion

This week, Lifetime‘s Little Women: Atlanta premiered the first part of its Season 3 Reunion special. The ladies returned to hash out their differences and figure if they ultimately can change from frenemies to actual friends.

The two tiny titans Juicy and Minnie started everything off with the reason why they fell out again, this season. If anyone recalls, they made up after Minnie admitted to never being pregnant. However, another rift was created after Juicy refused to attend Minnie’s mother Tammy’s farewell party. With good reason too. In the previous season, Tammy threw chicken wings on Juicy simply because she didn’t like the way her daughter was being treated.

Tammy came out to address the ladies, but Juicy had nothing to say to her. Part of the reason for the incident is Minnie’s inability to understand that her mother’s refusal to apologize is the main reason why Juicy can’t move on from the incident. Also, Minnie shouldn’t have gotten angry with Juicy for not attending a party for her mother given the circumstances.

Though Juicy and Minnie’s big personalities and huge fights usually take up most of the season, one little lady proved to have more baggage than the other ladies. Tanya, her two kids, two baby daddies, best friend, and child on the way were all a big part of this season. She moved to Atlanta to grow her business but ran into trouble after getting pregnant again by her first baby daddy Nico. The two tried to make it work, but the more they tried to more destruction was caused. Nico and baby daddy number two Devon joined the ladies on stage and revealed some of Tanya’s manipulative ways.

For example, When Tanya and Nico were living together she told everyone that he simply left. However, the truth is that she eventually kicked him out. Also, Devon and Nico told the cast that Tanya was using one of them as a “back-up”. Tanya seems to not know what she wants at times. She even turned against her best friend Sam, who’s always looking out for her and helping her taking care of her kids.

The most beautiful part of the season was Monie‘s love for Morlin. But things weren’t always kisses and roses between the two after she lost her engagement ring. Monie admits that at one point she was afraid that she and Morlin were over for good. Now, the wedding is back on and two plan on moving forward with their relationship.

The end of this part of the reunion focuses on the Tiny Twins, Amanda and Andrea, and a new-comer Abira. During the season, Abira was disrespectful towards the Tiny Twins while they were working a hosting gig. On the reunion stage, Abira’s disrespect and Minnie’s hotheadedness crash and a fight break between the “baby Housewives of Atlanta” (nickname credited to Ricky Smiley).



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