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Toni Braxton Reveals on BFV That She Might Be Losing Her Voice

On a recent episode of We TV‘s Braxton Family Values, Toni Braxton reveals to her family that she’s having trouble with her voice. Lately, when she tries to sing it comes out very airy. She fears that this might jeopardize her music career.

Toni thinks that the dysfunction of her voice might be in connection with her Lupus. She explains that every Lupus flare up is different, however, it’s never affected her voice before. Also, her Lupus usually only gets worse when she’s exhausted or on tour. After getting some rest it usually goes away. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all with this recent flare up.

For years, Toni’s Lupus diagnosis was one of the things that plague her career. Her illness even led to her filing for bankruptcy the first time, after collapsing on stage in Las Vegas. She kept it a secret for years. Toni finally revealed it to the rest of her family and the world during the first season of BFV.

On the recent episode of BFV, Toni joked, or at least we assume she was joking, that if she couldn’t sing then she would like to pursue a rap career. Why not, Brandy tried it and look what happened? Oh right, we pretend like she didn’t do that. One thing is clear, Toni just isn’t ready to give up her music career.

Toni Braxton has been in the music industry since 1989. She was signed to LaFace Records, owned by L.A. Reid and BabyFace. And moved to Atlanta to begin her career. She’s since had eight studio records, one with BabyFace. Toni has also won seven Grammys.

Hopefully, her flare up will pass or doctors will a find a way to prevent her Lupus from affecting her voice. Whatever happens, you can be sure that we’ll be watching Braxton Family Values on We TV at 9 PM EST/8 PM CT.


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