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Armed Louis Vuitton thief makes off with as little as one bag

Louis Vuitton was the latest target of an armed robbery in Paris this week. The robbery took place shortly after midday on Monday, May 22 at the flagship store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

The gunman reportedly shot two blanks into the air. He then grabbed a handbag and fled into the crowd on the busy shopping street. Luckily, neither the Louis Vuitton staff nor any of their customers were injured. A spokesperson for Louis Vuitton confirmed the robbery but declined to offer further detail. French judicial police are investigating the incident.

Armed robberies have been plaguing the French capital in recent months. The gunmen target both luxury stores and individual homes. Earlier in May, a gunman stole 800,000-900,000 Euros worth of merchandise from a luxury watchmaker. Located just off the Champs-Élysées, the thief violently assaulted the employee before fleeing with an accomplice on a motorcycle. A bystander managed to capture the two take off on video.

Also this month, a group of armed robbers looted five million Euros worth of jewelry from Buccellati. Meanwhile, a separate group stole a three million Euro ring from a private apartment in the 16 arrondissement just days before. Then, of course, there’s the famous Kim Kardashian West heist that took place last October.

Louis Vuitton showed their most recent 2018 cruise collection earlier in May in Kyoto, Japan. Nicholas Ghesquière took inspiration from the setting with Samurai-style details. A melding of nature and architecture was central to the collection. Ghesquière brought the fashion crowd once again to an exotic location – the Japanese forest – to highlight the label’s connection to travel and adventure.

Louis Vuitton declined to release details on what the robber managed to steal. However, he may have only managed to take a single handbag. While that might not seem like much, Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with luxury for over 150 years. Their current handbag collection ranges from $1,260 to $5,500 in retail value. Let’s hope these violent robberies stop soon.

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