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Travis Greene Introduces the World To “You Waited”

Grammy-nominated Gospel singer Travis Greene recently put out his single “You Waited”.  The song was released earlier this month. It will be featured on his third album Crossover: Live From Music City.

The new album and music video for “You Waited” was all recorded in front of a sold-out audience in Nashville, TN. Travis’ album is basically a live album. Part of its name comes from Crossover Radio, an interactive game-themed platform allowing fans to engage with their local radio stations to petition for airplay.

Besides, being a Gospel singer, Travis Greene is also known for performing his hit single “Intentional” at the President Donald Trump‘s Inauguralral Ball alongside R&B/Soul singer Chrisette Michele. Both artists received a lot of criticism for choosing to perform. However, Chrisette received the bulk of the negative backlash.

He and his wife reside in Columbia, SC with their two sons. The couple work as a team to lead Forward City Church. Part of Travis’ strong faith comes from the fact that he was pronounced dead twice before the age of 10. He was born a stillborn child who later came to life. At the age of four, he was resuscitated after falling from a four-story building in Germany. Who wouldn’t have faith if they were able to survive two very traumatic incidents?

Travis also has had two previous studio albums. His first album, Stretching Out was his introduction the music industry and the Gospel world. While his second album Hills was a chart-topper, which peaked at No. 1.  From Hills, his single “Intentional” became his best-selling song. The popularity of the extended version is unmatched.

Travis Greene’s “You Waited” is currently available on Amazon, Google PlayiTunes, and Spotify. His upcoming album Crossover: Live From Music City is set to be released sometime this year.


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