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Review: Beartooth Defines Deluxe Aggression

Metalcore vets go back to the well.

Salute doesn’t typically review deluxe editions of previously released albums. The additions are typically remixed filler and/or songs that should have stayed in the vault.

In short, the value is simply not there for the driving force behind the musical landscape.

An exception was made with Beartooth’s Aggressive for three reasons.

The ball was dropped when the review missed a deadline in 2016 and therefore Salute never gave this one its due.

Aggressive is a signature moment in the history of metalcore. The riffs play off the grooves so well that to simply slap a term like breakdown on top of the bridge of “Fair Weather Friend” is just flat out lazy.

Aggressive has elements of metal, punk and all of the other sub-genres that loud music gets tagged with.

It’s also very compassionate work that seeks to be bigger than itself.  The nuance is the band’s secret additive.

The message behind the current wave maker “Sick of Me” deserves to be shouted from the highest rooftop.

Depression is a very real problem that has impacted us all in some way, shape or form. Please watch the video for “Sick of Me” below.

If you don’t identify with it, someone that you know does.  And there is a certain beauty in how it was all put together.

Finally, the extra acoustic and live bonus material was presented very well. It doesn’t feel like a cash grab that bends its listeners over.

In fact, “Hated” becomes more poignant in an acoustic setting as vocalist/founder Caleb Shomo gets to flex another side of his vocal prowess.

Not everything is screams and snarls and as such “Hated” is transformed into something that is vulnerable.

At the height of their aggression, Beartooth is among one of the better bands on the globe.  When broken down, the layers reveal a poetic twist that is often overlooked.

This deluxe edition is a reminder that there are artists that are still putting their guts into every work that has their logo on it.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Beartooth  Aggressive ( Deluxe Edition) on Spotify

Watch: Beartooth “Sick Of Me”

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