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Real Housewives’s of Potomac Gizelle Bryant Talks to The Breakfast Club

Bravo‘s Real Housewives of Potomac Gizelle Bryant recently paid a visit to Power 105.1 syndicated morning show, The Breakfast Club. She is the former wife of famed pastor Jamal Bryant, who is also a grassroots activist.

Gizelle is known for being “the word on the street” and spilling all the tea. On the show, she’s shown as the blunt and rude one, who goes in more than the others. When asked about her image on the show, Gizelle confessed that they way she is portrayed is exactly the way she is in real life. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t and can only be herself.

The show is currently in its second season and so far Gizelle has gotten into it with fellow castmates Charisse Jackson Jordan and newcomer Monique Samuels. She’s also been kicked out of both of their the houses in the past. The problems started early for Gizelle and Monique. Gizelle asked if Monique had a home, and Monique responded back saying that she has four. Someone had to be the one to check Gizelle, and unfortunately, Monique was the one to do it.

She also dished about her marriage to Jamal. The couple were married for eight years and have three daughters together. However, their union ended when he cheated on her. Recently, there have been rumors that Jamal is the rumored “Mr. Chocolate” who Phaedra Parks has been allegedly talking to during her divorce with Apollo. He has since denied these allegations.

Gizelle has gone on to start her new cosmetics company EveryHue Beauty which is set to release this Summer. The company is a joint venture with Erica Liles, the wife to record executive Kevin Liles. She has also revealed that she plans on releasing a book too.


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