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T.I. And Tiny Finally Discuss Why They Are Not Together

On a recent episode of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, the former Hip-Hop couple air out their dirty laundry and the reasons why they are not together. As suspected, T.I. cheated on Tiny and he isn’t denying it. However, he’s also upset with Tiny for entertaining the attention of another man.

At a not so romantic dinner, the couple took part in a discussion that revealed that T.I.’s cheating was the reason why Tiny moved out of their shared residence. She claims that TIP slept with a girl who was working for her. Many rumors have stated that the girl is a member of a girl group that Tiny discovered. Since then, Tiny has not only moved out but also filed for divorce. Though in the beginning, few people thought that she would actually go through with it. It now seems that she’s leaning closer and closer towards deciding to make it final.

TIP is mad that Tiny has been hanging out with Floyd Mayweather. It’s a known fact that these two gentlemen don’t get along and he thinks that Tiny should’ve taken that into consideration. Tiny was seen at Floyd’s house and dancing with him at a Mariah Carey party last year. During an interview with Wendy Williams, Tiny said that she and Floyd have been friends for years, and there’s nothing going on. However, if TIP was doing the right thing, she wouldn’t have been at Mariah’s party in the first place.

Is it wrong for Tiny to interact with someone who her man doesn’t “F” with? On one side, she does have a friendship with Floyd independent of her husband.  Also, Tiny has been in the entertainment industry longer than TIP, so is it fair that she has to cut off a relationship every time her husband gets into it with someone?

Unfortunately, TIP isn’t having it and thinks that Tiny was in the wrong. But, does any of her behaviors justify his cheating? Though more information has been revealed, things between the two are still confusing and there’s no telling what will happen to their relationship.

However, we do know that this is officially the end of their reality show.


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