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Review: Black Panther: World of Wakanda #6

White Tiger arrives to shake things up.

blackpatherwow6cvrTitle: Black Panther: World of Wakanda #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ta- Nehisi Coates, Roxane Gay, Yona Harvey

Artists:  Alitha Martinez, Afua Richardson

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating:  9

Color Rating: 9

Overall Rating: 8.6

The Marvel Comics universe delivers another tale of vigilantes and criminals as Kevin Kasper, the White Tiger, investigates a hidden threat to Wakanda. A mysterious villain known as the Vanisher, a teleporter, who steals and sells, the most valuable mineral on earth, Vibranium.

Kevin must use his many skills and abilities as both cop and vigilante to track this outlaw and bring him to justice, for if Vibranium is harnessed within the wrong hands the possibilities could be catastrophic.

The artists involved are Alitha Martinez and Afua Richardson. The art itself is simple and vibrant the uses of shadow and deep colors enhance the dramatic scenes. The eye is drawn to the specific items that hold bright hues and shades, which emphasizes the action and charm of the essence of costumed heroics.

The page movement is straightforward as the story progresses to the climax and conclusion to this specific issue. The line and pencil work is neat and crisp utilized sparingly on characters and locations as to not clutter the scene but display a vivid picture.

The story continues as written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Roxane Gay, and Yona Harvey. Kevin as a character continues to develop outside of the White Tiger persona. His personal life isn’t one full of luxury as he deals with relationship, financial, and family problems.

The motivation for him is to one day rebuild his family, which involves placing his life in danger once more. He questions his role as the Tiger whether it’s an ideal solution for the criminal underbelly. The reader wonders if Kevin will ever reach this goal to reconcile a life beyond the jacket and cowl.

The White Tiger manages to find the Vanisher and his associates involved with the stolen Vibranium. After a major conflict, the Tiger defeats the assailants and returns the mineral to the Wakandian authorities.

T’Chala, the Black Panther is impressed with the valiant efforts of White Tiger and asks for his aid in the mission to further protect the interests of Wakanda and its people.

In the conclusion of the story, the reader is left with many questions. The cliffhanger is executed well as Kevin must reach a whole new level to the White Tiger persona. The potential threats our hero White Tiger will face next will keep us in suspense until the next issue of this amazing series arrives in comic shops and online stores nationwide.

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