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Top 10 Skin Care Hacks You Need to Know

In a world where beauty takes priority, sometimes people tend to forget that staying healthy is part of this concept.

Your skin plays a significant role in your body’s protection, which is why it is important to understand how to care for it as well as how to keep it bright and beautiful. Whether you are headed to an upcoming wedding, photo shoot, or traveling, skin care is an essential part of anyone’s life, and it is vital to understand how to care for it. Keep these skincare hacks in mind.

  1. Different Sleeping Positions: The first thing you may think is, “Oh great, I’ll have to sleep in some uncomfortable, impossible position.” For years, skincare specialists have been finding that sleeping on your back can be beneficial to your skin, as you are more likely to gain wrinkles when you sleep with your face pressed into a pillow.
  2. Putting Salt on Your Acne: You may have heard of various creams you could use, or even ice packs when you have acne breakouts. However, another method is to put salt on the acne. It has antibacterial properties that can pull the oil right out of the pore and allow it to dry up before it wreaks havoc.
  3. Making a Peel: While you’re browsing social media, you may come across homemade masks and roll your eyes, thinking they are far from brilliant. However, even the easiest mask can be best for your face, consisting of as little as baking soda, water, and lemon juice. All you do is mix two teaspoons of the baking soda, one teaspoon of water, and a little lemon juice and you’re all set – let this sit for five minutes for the best results!
  4. Get Healthier Skin From the Inside Out: Cutting junk food out of your life can reflect how you feel on the outside, not just the inside. Research studies have shown that processed meals and food high in sugar can cause your skin to be of poor quality because it causes inflammation.
  5. Kill Off Bacteria Instead of Popping: When acne pops up, the worst thing that you can do is popping your pimples and cause unnecessary scarring and more acne from the oil. Blend apple cider vinegar and water to apply to the acne for the best results.
  6. Get Enough Sleep and Stress Less: Stress doesn’t just cause heightened blood pressure and overeating, it can also cause acne. You may want to take up practices like yoga or taking walks throughout the workday. You may also take the recommendation to get your allotted hours of sleep (8 hours a night!) as it is known to improve your skin.
  7. Sunburn Protection: Research has shown that rubbing plain yogurt into your skin for 10 minutes as well as a bit of aloe vera could keep your skin healthy and free of sunburn.
  8. Cold Sore Protection: For those who can’t stand when a cold sore pops up, you may have options. The best prevention is to change your toothbrush, as it can harbor the virus for an entire week. However, you could also drink lemon balm tea, as it has antiviral properties and could protect against them.
  9. Goodbye, Eyeliner Residue: You may think that taking a shower will get all the eyeliner residue off of your face. However, you could choose to use a Q-tip and gentle cleaner to wipe it off. Choose the method that is the least sensitive to your face.
  10. Bacteria Spreading no More: You should always wash your hands, as they are covered in tons of bacteria that can be spread to your face. You should also wipe off the germs from your cell phone, as we all know your phone is your sidekick and will be pressed to your face many times per day.

Do your skin a favor and remember these tips for the most beautiful skin of Summer 2017. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll feel a sense of relief as you enter the summer feeling bright and bubbly.

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