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The Salute Interview: Basketball Wives Star Cristen Metoyer

As a rookie on the VH1 standout show Basketball Wives, Cristen Metoyer has taken a lot of fire from her sister Aja Metoyer.

Aja accused Cristen of falsifying the miscarriage that put her and her boyfriend, former NBA player Joe Crawford, through a lot of heartache and pain.

Cristen is speaking out to set the record straight about her tragic situation and the time spent on the hit reality show.

Salute: Why did you sign up to be on Basketball Wives?  Did you have any reservations about doing reality TV?

Cristen Metoyer: Yes. Originally, I signed on just to [be] support for my sister Aja. I had a lot of reservations. Me and my boyfriend, who is Joe Crawford, we’re a very private couple.

So, I was just like ‘girl, I’m coming on as your sister.’ When I signed up, it was more or less for moral support. That’s how I kind of got thrown into the mix.

Salute: On the episodes that have aired, you’re pretty much perceived as real, but a little sensitive.  Are you pleased with the way that you were portrayed prior to the drama with your miscarriage and your family?

Cristen Metoyer: You know what? Honestly, I’m very much a what you see is what you get [person]. I’m not as sensitive [as it seems], I will say that.

I mean I’m a very emotional person. But the sensitive parts that I was dealing with were a lot of me having to face certain insecurities in front of everyone.

[This was] on top of dealing with the behind-the-scenes drama with my sister. It was really a lot thrown at me at once. I was kind of disappointed with myself because I was like, ‘I’m stronger than that. I’m a stronger person, woman, individual. I’m not just a crybaby twenty-four, seven.’

Salute: What does Joe think about you being on the show and all the drama?

Cristen Metoyer: Joe has been my biggest supporter. I will have to say that. It was almost like we knew what we were signing up for. For the most part, his biggest thing was ‘I just want America to see you for the person that you are.’

It was hard for him just to see me have to go [through] that makeover scene. To tell you the truth, I don’t think he even watched it.  I think he just kind of heard from his mom and family members about it.

I know that was his biggest hurdle to jump over. He’s just like ‘I don’t like to see you being attacked.’ [He doesn’t want it even coming off as [if I’m] being attacked. Of course, we’ve been together seven years, so he knows my heart and the type of that person I am.

Salute: You and Joe have been together almost eight years. How did you guys meet and fall in love?

Cristen Metoyer: It’s kind of like a little love story. We actually met out [in public].We both went [out] with friends that were meeting up with each other.

And we both didn’t want to be there. It was like one of those things. I was sitting there, and he was sitting [there], and I just happened to talk to him. I said, ‘don’t look like you’re having much fun.’

[Mind] you… we’re at this lounge, and we’re the only two people sitting down looking bored as hell.

From there we started talking.  And to tell you the truth we literally became best friends over night. We were together every day [after that]. So, basically from the day we met, we were together every day up until now.

Salute: What are some of the things that you love about Joe?

Cristen Metoyer: Oh my God! To tell you the truth, [I love] everything. Literally, he is like my best friend. We can do everything together. It’s weird though; there is nothing I don’t love about him. Even the things that get on my nerves [about him] I love. I can’t just pinpoint one thing because he’s like my everything.

Salute: Which of the ladies can you truly say are your friends?

Cristen Metoyer: Going into the situation, I already had previous relationships with Keonna [Green] and Bonnie-Jill [Laflin]. I’ve known those two ladies for years.

As the show progressed, I became close with Evelyn [Lozada]. She pretty much took me under her wing, and she saw everything I was going through on the show.

She was just like ‘girl I’m here for you, I know the process is difficult. And if you ever just need someone to talk to [I am here for you].’

I would say she and I established a big sister, little sister type of thing. All the other women were super sweet, but she was the one that I communicated with on a one-on-one basis during the show and after.

Salute: When you look back on the whole “makeover” thing, what are your current feelings on that situation?

Cristen Metoyer: Looking back on it, it looked worse watching it versus me actually going through [with] it.

Even coming up to that whole makeover situation, me and her had several conversations [about it]. [We talked about] things we’ve gone through. I’ve shared with her some things that I’ve struggled with.

Our conversations were deeper than ‘oh, girl you need to throw on a Louis Vuitton bag.’ It was more or less ‘Girl; I’m trying to get this weight off, I’m not used to this.’

I was just sharing with her my struggles and where I wanted to get more secure and get my swag back. And that’s how a lot this conversation started.

I feel like it just went left with the stylist.  What people don’t see is Evelyn [saying] ‘bitch, get up. You don’t have to do this. This is not what I signed you up for. This damn wig and racecar outfit. This is not what I wanted you to be in.’

So she was on my side, and like a deer-in-the-headlights [right there] with me. People didn’t get to see and understand that she wasn’t coming from a shady place.

Salute: Please explain the dynamic between you and your sisters Aja and Melissa?

Cristen Metoyer: We all [have] different moms, and the same dad. Aja’s the oldest, I’m the middle, and Melissa’s the youngest. We were just raised in different households. From what I knew we had an okay relationship.

Of course, you have your sister fights as normal siblings have. As far as all this hate and lies that are being thrown around, all of that is new to me. I don’t understand where all this hate comes from because we never hated each other.

Aja and Melissa were in the room when I gave birth to my daughter. So what type of hate do we have for each other?

I’m just confused and trying to understand where they’re coming from. A lot of the interviews that they’re doing [is very confusing to] me.

Salute: Can you explain the situation with your miscarriage?

Cristen Metoyer: As far as me, I didn’t use the medical term for the procedure I had. It’s called a D&C.  That’s what it is, but it’s not a choice.

As far as Aja, she basically used conversations [that she had with me] at a very low point of a situation [that] I was going through at the time [I found out] I was pregnant. It was just her being my sister and me just venting to her [about] this particular situation.

And her not knowing the full story and knowing what I and my boyfriend talk about and what we were dealing with, she just used that and was just like ‘oh well, she just had an abortion.’

I [vented] to her about personal stuff, having conversations about weighing my options and what I was dealing with at [that] point in my life.

She basically took that and ran with it, and felt the need to share that with the world. But [she did] not tell the full story.

She wasn’t there; she didn’t deal with what Joe and I went through. It was just a conversation I had with [her] at a low point and [she turned] it around and felt [like I was] just trying to have everybody feel sorry for [me].

Salute: Correct me if I’m wrong. So basically you went to the doctor and found out that there was not a heartbeat. So, basically, they had to do the D&C to clean out the fetus?

Cristen Metoyer: Yes, to clean the fetus out of my uterus.

Salute: Basically it’s a miscarriage that’s still inside of you.

Cristen Metoyer: Right.

Salute: What is your relationship like with your mother and how does she feel about all of this?

Cristen Metoyer: Me and my mom, we’re tight. That’s my homie. Personally, she just doesn’t understand where all of this is coming from. My mom has a relationship with Aja, and I personally have a relationship with her mom. Whatever they went through before, they can be around each other.

My mom never told me that she hated Aja’s mom. I can’t speak on what she and her mom talk about. I’m just confused on where all this hatred is coming from.

That has never been a big factor in our relationship. If I hated her, you would see me bashing her on the show as well. That wasn’t what I signed up for.

Salute: In the realm of entertainment and sports, your family serves as your anchor that keeps you sane and grounded. Besides Joe and your daughter who would you say is your anchor? Especially, given the controversy with your family.

Cristen Metoyer: I have a step-father [that] raised [me]. He was one of my huge support systems. Of course my mom. This is so weird. I have a sixteen-year-old sister that is wise beyond her years. She has helped get through a lot of stuff.

Salute: So, y’all are like the Kardashians.

Cristen Metoyer: Right, because with Melissa, I have her and we have a brother, and then there’s Aja. My mom remarried so I have a sister with my mom and step-dad. So, we’re like the black Kardashians.

Salute: Tell your sisters ‘we need to stop fighting and build an empire.’

Cristen Metoyer: Right, the only thing is people can’t get past their egos.

Salute: What can you tell us about what’s coming next on the show?

Cristen Metoyer: I actually don’t know and I wish I did. I see it with everyone else, so when everyone else’s mouth is wide open I’m right there with them.

I’m like, ‘I remember that, but oh my God.’ I do know that next Monday is Jackie’s party which is going to be a complete shit show. Talk about drama and a WTF moment, that’s going to have all of that.

Salute: What else do you have going on outside of BBW?

Cristen Metoyer: What people don’t know is I’m actually a photographer. That’s my career; I’ve been doing it for six years now. I’m actually working on my gallery and starting to do pop-up galleries.

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