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Review: Qveen Herby Plays No Games on EP1

Time to crown a new rap queen.

Qveen Herby/ EP1/Checkbook

EP 1 has become the audio du jour among the Salute editors as even the normally gruff sports guru Dustin Brown can’t resist its charms.

So what’s up? The deal is that Qveen Herby is the end result of a major evolution. The who, what, when, where and why is probably best left to individual detective skills (besides it’s more fun that way).

What will be discussed is that these five bangers are infectious, well-crafted and on point.

Herby’s appeal as a designer rapper will force hip-hop purists to succumb to something that rocks just as hard as the old boom-bap. Whoever thought that the day would come where a discussion could be had on runway-rap? However, QH is handcrafting her own lane.

As witnessed on the tongue-tying “Busta Rhymes,” she can chew most wordsmiths up and spit them out.

This includes males and females as Herby flows like a rollercoaster that can drone as slowly as a mumble rapper and hit 101 MPH on some Twista shit.

There’s going to be some shade and a lot of hate and that’s unfortunate. But that’s also a part of rap. Trolling is as trolling does.  She’s not a part of a crew, label or franchise that will lend her street credibility. And the wolves that look for weaknesses in everyone’s game will come out.

However, what’s real is that QH is a real vocal talent that has aerodynamic chops as a singer and as a rapper.

The opener “ Gucci” flexes the rap muscle as the bedroom jaunt “Wild” takes Herby back to her singing roots.

Mix-in authentic songwriting that has mass appeal and you are looking at a contender for the queen’s crown.

Sometimes, the best things just come out of nowhere.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Stream: Qveen Herby EP1 on Spotify

Watch: Qveen Herby ” Busta Rhymes “


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