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GUHHATL: Brandon Barnes & Reginae Carter Battle It Out

Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta cast members Brandon Barnes and Reginae Carter go toe-to-toe in a recent episode of the WeTV reality television show. During Zonnique Pullins photo shoot, the two got into a verbal altercation which resulted in Reginae leaving to tell her mother. This clash of the offspring is expected to bring out their parents and who knows where things will go from there.

Brandon and Reginae both were invited to Zonnique’s photo shoot to support her. However, things took a left turn when Brandon took it upon himself to insert his opinion about Zonnique’s “sexy look”. Sensing a “hater” in the room Reginae defended her friend by saying that Zonnique looked great in the outfit and there was nothing wrong with it.

Off the rip, Reginae hears Brandon talking about the outfit so she says, “I think it’s cute.” Brandon replies with, “Why, what’s cute about it?” So, Reginae comes back with, “Everything, what’s not cute about?” And that’s just the petty small talk. Reginae starts questioning Brandon on why is he there if he’s a vocal coach. She does have a point since no songs were being sung that day. But he gets her together real quick, by stating that he was invited kicks the “Why are you here?” question back to Regina. The determine that she’s just there for support, and it’s clear that he thinks that she should shut up. From the vibe she’s giving, the Reginae feels the exact same way about him.

Things get “turnt” when Reginae starts calling Brandon a “hater”. So, he pulls out the Lil Wayne “Black Lives Matter” situation and tells her to worry about that. If you’re not up to speed, awhile ago rapper Lil Wayne made a few ignorant comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. Clearly, he was high and unfit to do an interview but people still were offended by his comments.

Reginae became immediately upset and stormed out threatening to get her mother, Toya Wright on Brandon. The problem here is that this isn’t just a disagreement between two young adults. They have included their families, who can go to war at any time.  Hopefully, the adults can sort this mess out, but if they don’t it’s going to be trouble. We’ll have to wait until Thursday to what happens.

WATCH: Brandon & Reginae Go at It at Zonnique’s Photo Shoot

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