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LHHATL: Trouble Between Joseline Hernandez & Mona Scott-Young

All is not right in the world of VH1‘s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Joseline Hernandez is angry with creator and executive producer Mona Scott-Young. She accuses Mona of manipulating the LHHATL cast and threatens to expose her.

Reportedly, Joseline had an attitude during the filming of the reunion. She stayed in her dressing room and made people wait for her. Then she went on Instagram and called Mona a b*tch, while claiming that she’s quitting the franchise. She wants to have a sit-down interview with Oprah to expose Mona and the show.

It’s also rumored that she’s mad at Mona for not forcing Stevie J to come on The Wendy Williams Show with her. A couple weeks ago Wendy Williams has announced the Stevie and Joseline were set to appear on her show with a cameo from their daughter. However, the appearance was canceled because Stevie refused to come and Wendy would only accept them together.

The real story, which even Wendy didn’t know until now, is that Joseline booked herself to come on the show without any knowledge from Mona or VH1. Joseline wanted to Mona to force Stevie to come on the show with her, but Mona stayed out of it. Especially, since the appearance wasn’t booked through the show and there’s nothing in their contracts that would require Stevie to come on Wendy with Joseline.

Joseline became famous after appearing on the first season of LHHATL in 2012. She started off as Stevie J’s side chick, graduated to girlfriend, and is now his baby’s mother. The two faked a marriage on the show. Now they’re are broken up and are co-parenting. At one point they were on amicable terms, but now reports say that they’re arguing again. From the public’s point of view, Joseline and Stevie have never had a stable relationship. Now they’re stuck with each other for life.

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