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Shirtless Bear Fighter: Cover Variant

Image Comics has another classic variant cover on the way.

shirtlessbear01-coveraThe wild series Shirtless Bear Fighter from Image Comics makes its debut June 2017. The new variant cover channels the inner badass, as one man stands tall against an army of bears. Man versus nature to the utmost extreme from writers Jody Leheup and Sebastin Girner.

The character Shirtless is on a warpath to protect the people of his home, with hair on his chest and spit in his palms the time to man up is now. The comic mini-series has comedic elements infused with the action.

According to A.V. the obstacles Shirtless will face are some only dreamt by unorthodox means. He travels across the country and clashes with sentient bears, stuffed toys, and a professional football team.

The original cover can be seen on Image, Shirtless Bear Fighter features our hero standing in the forest surrounded by the very people who will affect his life forever. The comic will compel readers to go through the series, as the story is one so bizarre, fun, and original.

Shirtless is a former soldier raised by bears, which reflects his charming nature of handling situations the only way he can with his mighty fists. Cracking skulls for the sake of justice and look cool while doing it is all what Shirtless is about.

The artwork is by Mark Spicer and Nil Vendrell and together they create the fantastic world of Shirtless. The colors are bold and simple nothing too drastic from blending or fading hues and tones. The style has a comic book cartoon feel as Shirtless leaps into action from panel to panel.

Be the first to catch this epic comic book with a special edition cover. The cover displays the boldness of the creative team taking Shirtless to unexpected directions. Shirtless will continue to fight his way through outlandish situations till his ticket is punched.

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