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Avery LR Shows the World How He’s ‘Surviving” with New Mixtape

Rapper Avery LR came out with his latest mixtape Surviving this yearHe’s gotten a lot of praise for his inspirational single “Never Surrender”, a song that discusses issues of sexual abuse, drugs, and teen suicide. Now he’s providing a catalog of music for his fans.

Surviving is a 27 song mixtape which includes “All the Way Up”, “400 Lux”, and “What You Know Bout That” and some of his previous works. It’s basically a “best hits” album with really good music. Avery’s been working hard on his music for the last six years. And has been very active in the underground Hip-Hop scene, known for his inciteful lyrics and execution in freestyle rapping.

The Baltimore-born rapper got his start in the music while living in Salt Lake City. While there he began recording, performing, and eventually became a freestyle rapper. He originally moved to get away from his negative surroundings in Baltimore and be close to his mother on the West Coast. If it wasn’t for his move, his story could’ve ended up very different. Mostly due to his family and the illegal activities that they were associated with.

In 2011, he released his first music video and created an audience on both coasts through his earlier projects. His fanbase appreciates his authenticity and the way that he discusses real situations and genuine problems. He references rappers like Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, and Uncle Murda as his inspirations.

Avery LR’s Surviving is available on Soundcloud. He dropped the mixtape earlier this year and plans to tour soon. He also is planning to release more music in the future. Avery LR is constantly creating music, so he has an ever growing library of songs. Connect with him @Avery_LR on Twitter and stay posted on everything he’s doing.

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