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K-Twist Drops Visuals For “Fine With Me”

Hip-Hop artist, K-Twist, recently released the music video for his single “Fine With Me“. The song is an anthem for the fun-loving single guy living his life. And it has a Pop/Hip-Hop vibe that makes you want to dance.

In the video, a young lady walks out on a slumbering K-Twist, but her loss is another woman’s win. While carrying on his day, he receives messages from another woman putting in her bid as his next sleepover companion. Not to give the ending away, but she gets her wish. Oh, how it feels to be young.

The song is somewhat of a departure from K-Twist’s previous works. He’s usually the guy with meaningful lyrics and a distinctive Hip-Hop sound. But it doesn’t hurt to be the party guy every now and then. Though “Fine With Me” gives off a Chris Brown/Tyga vibe, that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a hot song. Worthy of a drunken night in a Miami nightclub or a day party in at Las Vegas hotel.

Growing up in Philly, K-Twist was surrounded by many musical influences and attributes his love of music from his church upbringing. It’s the place where his training in music began. Later he began to develop his writing and music skills to eventually take himself to a professional level. Now this young man is producing viable music that belongs on the Billboard charts.

K-Twist’s “Fine With Me” is available on Soundcloud. His new project The Twist comes out in July. Stay connected to K-Twist by following @rmk_ktwist on Instagram.

WATCH: K-Twist’s Music Video for “Fine With Me”

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