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Review: Batman #24

The proposal read around the world

Title: Batman #24Batman #24

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Tom King

Art: Danny Miki, David Finch, Clay Mann, Seth Mann

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

After the events of The Button storyline that took place within issues in order, Batman #21, Flash #21, Batman #22, Flash #22; Batman spoke to another version of his father whose last words to him were “Don’t Be Batman. Find Happiness…Let the Batman die with me.” In this issue Batman thinks to himself about what his father said. Plenty of people have told him to stop being Batman, including Alfred Pennyworth, but this time, it was his own father that told him that he no longer had to carry the burden of the Batman.

Written by Tom King, Batman#24 really explores the psychology of Batman and if the mantle of the Batman should even continue. The story has two different parts to it. The first part is Batman talking to Gotham Girl about being afraid, being lonely, and having desires. Gotham Girl is given more character than previous issues. It’s nice to see that she has not been forgotten about.

As the issue goes on, readers won’t see Batman fighting thugs or super villains. What they will see is Batman dealing with his brief reunion with his father. The moment is not directly acknowledged but it is pretty clear that is what is haunting him. Even when talking to Gotham Girl, readers can see Batman is struggling with the decision of being a hero. He tells Gotham Girl that Batman is who he is and he doesn’t think he can stop.  He acknowledges that he tries to be happy as Batman but he keeps failing. It makes him wonder whether it is worth being Batman. In between Batman and Gotham Girl’s talk, readers see Catwoman getting ready to go out into the city and Batman chasing after her. They eventually stop on a rooftop and Batman confides in Selina, telling him he is scared. The ending panel of this issue is what surprised many people the most. In the ending panel we see Batman, down on one knee, proposing to Catwoman.

The art in this book is amazing. David Finch did a great job with the overall drawings of each character, environment and setting. Clay Mann and Seth Mann’s drawings of Batman and Gotham Girl in a bright glow depicts Gotham Girl’s optimism perfectly while Danny Miki does a great job drawing the dark sky of Batman and Catwoman representing the moodiness of Catwoman. Colorist Jordie Bellaire also deserves a shout-out for the contrast between the two different stories but having them blend together perfectly.

Overall, Batman #24 does a great job in exploring the psychology of the Dark Knight and bringing detail to the different characters within the issue. The art of the book is able to show the different perspectives of the characters and a perfect blend between the Rooftop issues and The Button storyline.

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