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Salute To: Rising Style Star Moto Guo

Moto Guo, is a Malaysian designer whose punchy clothing has created a rising star.2016 was an impressive year, as Moto was a semi-finalist for the LVMH Prize – the first designer from Malaysia to do so. Now, in 2017, Moto Guo finds himself offering a new collection that brings fun, quirky designs to the runway that unfold like an artistic centerpieces directly in the spotlight.

Moto Guo’s collections are described as  “odd and imaginative.”

In many of  his pieces, he makes a bold statement, using bright and fun-loving colors that capture the imaginations of watchers  and models who portray the clothes quite well. Mix these two elements together and the end result is a well-developed circus on the runway.

Pizzazz spills from the runway like a glitter bomb and hisses color onto enthralled onlookers.

In Moto Guo’s latest 2017 collection runway show, he described the show in this way: “It’s a documentary about a boy. Where he is from, why does he have this, why does he wear that – the audience has to view it from their own perspective.” As we can see from the following pieces in his 2017 collection, they are nothing short of whimsical, and we have fallen in love!




One of the many reasons why  Moto Guo is beloved is that he is unafraid to offer these new, fun designs and tread on new water when it comes to his designs. In an interview, he said that he would call his design personality “quaint and humorous” which we can see in his styles. He says that he believes he can be described as the same and this shows in his work.

Expect  great things from Moto Guo in the future.

Via Moto Guo's Instagram

Via Moto Guo’s Instagram

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