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My Mile customizes online shopping with Artificial Intelligence

E-commerce site Orchard Mile launched a new project to personalize the online shopping experience this week. Using predictive algorithms, My Mile learns from your shopping habits to produce a uniquely personal e-commerce site.

Even before this new launch, Orchard Mile was shaking up the e-commerce world. Launched in 2015, the site is the only e-commerce platform that offers full designer collections. Co-founder and CEO Jennie Baik told Forbes,

“Historically, the only place to find the full collections was on a brand’s owned site, but we’ve made things seamless for the consumer by creating one place to filter and shop the world’s most innovative and beautiful designers’ lines.”

That filtering is the key to their next step towards a personal shopping experience. When a shopper signs up for My Mile, she selects the specific designers she wants to see on her feed. Within those labels, she can also choose the types of product she wants to see from them. Love Acne Studio jeans and boots but not their jackets? Only want to see Roksanda dresses? You can add those specified categories to your filtered feed. My Mile then saves your filters. Every time you visit the site, you only see products you like. It helps to narrow down the often overwhelming world of online shopping.

Taking it one step further, My Mile actually learns from your shopping habits. Speaking before the launch, Baik explained to Forbes,

“My Mile will become a curated shopping destination that is automatically updated with new products and brands based on our customers’ past likes and purchases.”

Algorithms take into account how you interact with the site. This makes it more customized to your preferences with each visit. Once a member, My Mile will also send you a completely personalized newsletter. Even better? Fashionista reports that the newsletter updates when you open the email, rather than when it sends. “So it’s an exciting, real-time version of what’s relevant to you, based on what’s in stock today,” Baik told Fashionista. Could this be the end of the disappointing “Out of Stock” message?

As artificial intelligence technology progresses, we can expect to see more of this type of personalized experience. The information My Mile gathers benefits the designers as well as the consumers. Labels can use consumers’ shopping habits to learn how they are interacting with their products. They can then use that knowledge to make their clothing more wearable. With this level of customization and consumer input, the future of fashion can only be bright.

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