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GUHHATL Mothers Deb Antney & Toya Wright Face-off

The mothers of GUHHATL have decided to step into the drama on the latest episode of the WeTV reality show. Last we saw, Reginae Carter and Brandon Barnes had gotten into it. And both of them went crying to their mothers. Now Brandon’s mother Deb Antney and Reginae’s mom Toya Wright are going to meet up to discuss what happens next.

Toya is furious after hearing how Brandon came for Reginae and brought up her father Lil Wayne. She’s determined to get the bottom of the incident that took place between her 17-year-old daughter and the 20-something-year-old man. Deb takes a different approach and decides to “school” her son on the consequences of his actions. Yes, it’s true that Reginae has a mouth on her and provoked Brandon, however she’s still a child and he had no business engaging in that vile exchange with a little girl. However, he doesn’t see it that way and refuses to ever apologize.

Fast forward to a charity food drive, the two Hip-Hop mothers meet up and talk. Tiny decides to accompany Toya as backup. However, Deb is displeased when Tiny chimes in while she and Toya are having their discussion. Deb asking Tiny to just let her and Toya talk angers Toya even further. And that’s all we get until next week.

If you missed the prior episode, the issue started at Zonnique Pullins photoshoot when Reginae and Brandon went after each other. Reginae thought that Brandon was being a “hater” when he had concerns with Zonnique’s choice of outfit and styling for her shoot. After being repeatedly being verbally poked by the 17-year-old girl, Brandon fired back by bringing up

After being repeatedly being verbally poked by the 17-year-old girl, Brandon fired back by bringing up Reginae’s father and referred to his “Black Lives Matter” incident. He also said that he could’ve helped her father’s career.The comments about her father set Reginae all the way off. She decided to retreat from the scene while calling Toya to download about the whole incident.

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