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Bad Blood: Crosby, Subban Ready for Game 6

There is plenty of bad blood in the Stanley Cup Finals, and it is guaranteed to spill over into Sunday night’s Game 6. P.K. Subban and Sidney Crosby have hated each other for awhile now, but Game 5 presented some new reference to their disgust of one another.

Call it the latest NHL rivalry or a much-needed spice to spike views in the playoffs, but these two seem to disregard any happy feelings on the ice. And hockey has waited a long time for rivalries of this level to make their way back.

What started over a “bad breath” comment–later verified to be much worse–has festered into physical battles as the teams headed into Game 4 and 5.

Crosby didn’t take kindly to Subban spouting off about bad breath though, he told reporters.

“He likes the attention, and things like that,” Crosby recently said. “If he wants to make stuff up, what can I do?”

While Crosby may have a point, he is in the spotlight many times throughout every NHL season. For one reason or another, Crosby is hated or loved with the same amount of effort from fans.

Subban is a physical player that can get under the skin of opponents with his play and he isn’t one to keep his mouth shut either. Like a complex mixture of elements on the Periodic Table, Subban and Crosby go together to make something more compounding.

“Every time he’s on the ice, I’m going to be in his face,” Subban said of Crosby that night. “And he’s not going to like it,” after the Predators’ Game 2 loss against Pittsburgh.

Subban has done more than enough against the Western Conference in the playoffs though.

“I think P.K. has played against some pretty tough players in the playoffs to get to this point,” Predators coach Peter Laviolette said. “Whether it’s (Penguins center Evgeni) Malkin’s line or Crosby’s line, he’s still faced with big challenges. I think he’s done a really good job. He’s a competitive guy,” via The Tennessean.

The Subban-Crosby clash came to a head in Game 5, as the two looked like they belonged in the Octagon, not on the ice. Subban brought Crosby down to the ice, then Crosby repeatedly banged Subban’s head against the ice. The play netted each one of them a two-minute penalty but will offer plenty of action in Game 6.

Watch: Crosby-Subban fight in Game 5

Game 6 is a do-or-die game for the Predators at Bridgestone Arena, and the home crowd is going to let Crosby hear it from all sides.

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