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Review: Death From Above 1979’s “Freeze Me” is Chilling

Canadian punk rock band, Death From Above 1979, just dropped their new single, “Freeze Me,” aptly named for all the chills listeners are sure to be feeling.

The Toronto-based duo has pumped out some seriously catchy punk jams since their debut back in 2004 with their first album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. The band was originally named Death From Above, but after an altercation with the US-based music collective DFA, they quickly added 1979 to avoid further dispute.

“Freeze Me” is Death From Above 1979’s first release of 2017, and it is a treat. The track is pleasantly nostalgic, evoking memories of the 2000’s punk scene without feeling dated. The vocals are solid, while the lyrics themselves are simple and dark, yet ultimately catchy. The song’s high-energy vibe and catchy melody are guaranteed to evoke some head nodding.  There’s also a sick guitar solo, which is interesting considering the band doesn’t have an official guitarist.

While this may seem like a setback from the outside, Sebastian Grainger (vocals/drums) and Jesse F. Keeler (bass) have claimed that not having other band mates has liberated them creatively, and allowed them to truly push the envelope with their music. The sporadic inclusion of the keyboard is a great touch to the song’s general vibe. There’s something oddly satisfying about the breakdown near the end, which leads to the songs abrupt end that is totally unexpected, yet still feels so right.

This track captures what it feels like to be left out in the cold of what was once a perfectly happy, functional relationship. Or maybe it never was, to begin with. That’s the beauty of the interpretation.

All that is truly known is that what exists is cold and empty like the vast expanse of space, which seems to be exactly what Death From Above 1979 intended.

Rating: 4/5

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