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Review: Katy Perry Takes New Direction on Witness

Review: Katy Perry Witness

Katy Perry’s fourth studio album Witness is unlike anything we’ve heard from her before. The pop star took the more EDM route this time around. Multiple head-bopping tracks with few ballads make up Perry’s latest effort. What made her earlier albums standout were tracks like “Roar” and “Teenage Dream.” Perry has always had an incredible vocal range. Empowering anthems and catchy lyrics made her a bonafide star. Fans have been waiting four years for a new album from Perry. Despite the differences from past albums fans will be pleasantly surprised by what they’ll hear from her.

Heavy backgrounds and fast beats are taking over the pop world. In the era of music festivals, artists are targeting audiences who love to travel and camp for days next to a stage. Perry is no different with faster songs like “Roulette” and “Deja Vu.” Within a few days listeners can expect to hear many of these club bangers in bars and dance clubs. Fans have already been treated to the catchy hit “Chained to the Rhythm.”

Listening to Witness feels like listening to a completely different artist until track 6, “Power.” It’s the closest she gets to the epic dominance of “Dark Horse” and “Roar.” It’s a fantastic song and worth the wait going through the five songs before it. Once the listener hears this their nerves will go into overdrive. The excitement to hear what else Perry has to say is never more prominent.

The rest of the albums gets more emotional. “Miss You More” is reminiscent of “The One That Got Away.” Fans who follow Perry’s personal life can easily guess who “Miss You More” is referencing. She’s talented at connecting with her audience through personal experiences. Perry has never shied away from airing her dirty laundry. It’s one aspect of her that has gained her respect and likability from fans.

Witness wraps up with beautiful ballad “Into Me You See.” It’s a tone change from the upbeat dance songs that kicked off the album. It’s a much more vulnerable track. These are the songs that Perry’s voice shines on.

Perry’s newest effort is a good change of pace. If fans can accept the different vibe they’ll have no problem taking the party ride with her.

Rating: 4/5

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