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Review: Politics & Emotions Dominate Rise Against’s Wolves

Never be afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Rise Against has been a consistent presence in the rock scene for years. Their previous albums have boded them well landing them in the top of of Billboard charts. The band’s newest album Wolves does a nice job of of maintaining their edge.

The title track “Wolves” opens the album as a immediate attention-grabber. Heavy-yet-melodic guitars are center-stage with compelling lyrics that use a caged tiger as a clever metaphor.

Rise Against gives a lot of power to society.

Lead singer Tim McIIrath belts, ‘we are the wolves at the gate/ our numbers growing every day,’ as he eagerly gets the message out.

We are strong and we are here right now.

The fourth track “Far From Perfect” swims in the nostalgia factor. Verbally mourning being broken-beyond-repair, these are moments lifted directly from 2004.

Despite the fact people do still feel that way, that track feels a little too much like My Chemical Romance’s  “Helena.”  The song isn’t bad, just dated. Fans of the early 2000’s punk rock may rejoice hearing the track.

Rise Against dominates the rock genre with their politically charged lyrics. Their music makes a statement. “Bullshit” and “The Violence” both speak volumes about the world’s current state. With the knowledge that music is open to interpretation, the constant theme of building walls comes to light.

“Bullshit” thrives on calling out the way people keep each other at arms length. The emotional toll that a relationship can take on a person in a corrupt world. It’s the most ambitious and in-your-face track.

“The Violence” goes straight for the political jugular referencing the bombings across the world. In the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack, this track will hit people hard.

Rise Against does a fantastic job of making their listeners face reality. No one thinks a tragedy will happen to them.

“The Violence” lets everyone know that the acts of violence are in people’s nature and there’s nothing  that can change that harsh and sad truth. Sugar-coating doesn’t exist in the punk rock genre.

In today’s reality, having a band that isn’t afraid to stand on the truth is refreshing. Rise Against isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and Wolves will be no different.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stream: Rise Against Wolves

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