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Linkin Park Partners With Mercedes for 50 Years of AMG

American rock band Linkin Park performed at the Mercedes-Benz Arena this past Monday Jun. 12 for the 50th anniversary of the sports car brand, and the release of their newest album, One More Light.

Linking Park and Mercedes have been “partners in performance” since 2015. They really do make a good team, as both the band and the brand make it a point to always give 100%.

“Our brand has stood for Performance, Perfection and Passion for 50 years, and that’s also what Linkin Park stands for on the stages of the world,” says Chairman of the Executive Board at Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers in a press release, “In our 50th anniversary year, we intend to not only celebrate, but also to continue working successfully on the performance of the future.”

Lead vocalist of Linkin ParkChester Bennington added: “Performance is in our blood, and with Mercedes-AMG we have found the perfect partner for our passion.”

This coincidentally coincides with Linkin Park’s announcement for their U.S. One More Light Tour which will be kicking off in Boston on July 27.

One More Light is a great album that truly showcases the way the band and their sound has matured over the years. The songs are slower and more atmospheric than the intense riffs and rebellious themes found on their first album, Hybrid Theory. Still, it all comes together in a packaging that is so undeniably Linkin Park.

While it may not be the best album to jam to when looking to get the adrenaline pumping, it still has its merits. The tracks on One More Light are deeply contemplative and evoke a sense of introspection in its listeners. It’s almost as if their sound has been refined under the weight of the times, and as a result they seek to uplift and empower their listeners through their music.

The title track of the album, “One More Light” is exceptionally hard-hitting, as it takes a clear stance against suicide, stating that while it may seem like nobody would care if “one more light goes out in a sky of a million stars,” there is always someone who does.

All of the songs on the album contain messages of similar weight, and are absolutely worth listening to when in the need of some good, contemplative tunes.

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