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DC Readies New Bombshells Series

bombshells-united-1_coverThe original DC Comics Bombshells debuted six years ago and has provided a unique take on classic DC super-heroines. The original Bombshells comic was about female superheroes guarding the United States while the men were off at war.

The comic was written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by a group of artists such as Mirka Andolfo and Lauren Braga. Bombshells will be ending it’s run with issue #100 coming out later this month.

Bennett was recently interviewed by about the series. She told them that she always wanted the series to be a combination of her two greatest loves; superheroines and history.

When DC Comics approached her about working on the comic, she could not refuse. Though she did know what she wanted for the series and where she would take the concept.

She explained, “I didn’t want it to be a story where [the premise was] ‘oh all the men are off and away, so I guess the women will have to do something’. I just wanted to [start with the idea that] ‘the women were here first.’ No heroine is derivative of a male counterpart…it wasn’t like Superman existed and then Supergirl [did]– it was going to be her first.”

The heroines within the Bombshells universe are not exactly the same as they are in the main canon. In the Bombshells universe, these heroines are not perfect and are provided with the opportunity to improve and be redeemed.

“I’m very into fallible heroines,” Bennett said. “I understand why so many inspirational characters are given to girls, whether it’s to make up for the years that their weren’t any or that there were so many damsels in distress, but there’s a degree at which when we only give children– but little girls especially– aspirational heroines, we’re denying them the ability to screw up.

To have a complete human experience. Being a child and seeing these role models, I knew that I could never possibly compete or live up, so when I screwed up it was horrible. These characters weren’t afforded the opportunity to fail and come back from it.”

Even though the original series is ending, the Bombshells universe will remain alive. It was announced that on August 25th, DC will release a new weekly digital title called Bombshells United. Bennett will return to write the series and will be joined by a rotating team of artists– many of whom are veterans from the first series.

Bombshells United will explore America’s failure to protect the rights of up to 120,000 Japanese Americans when the national government imprisoned them in internment camps for the duration of World War II.

Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy, who have both held the moniker of Wonder Girl, will be second generation Japanese Americans whose friends and family are being held against their will.

Bennet has put a lot of research into this era in history and will do her best to tell the story without offending anyone. Though Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy are not Japanese Americans in the main continuity, they will be in this universe.

Bombshells United will have each arc focus on one heroine or team of heroines unlike the original where the title focused on a different set of heroes in each ten page chapter. “Then,” explained Bennett, “the next four or five issue arc will focus on a different group. That
way, we’ll be able to visit everyone in turn– and yes, we’ll be seeing a lot of new heroines.”

Bennet has teased the inclusion of Black Canary, Katana, and Bumblebee as new heroes in upcoming arcs. Conversely, she teased the return of old villains including Edward Nygma, Rhakontys the Bringer, and the Tenebrae.

They’ll be joined by new villains such as Black Adam and Clayface as well as not-quite-villain Talia al Ghul. Generally speaking though, she hopes every character there is a Bombshells design for will get a moment in the sun, building towards a”truly bombastic finale” that will “will be build up and come together a few years down the line into something I hope is truly mind-blowing.”

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