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Vic Mensa Breaks Out The Hooks For The Manuscript

Vic Mensa returns with another statement.

Rapper, Vic Mensa has arrived with a new EP. An immediate standout detail regarding Mensa is he doesn’t just rap, he sings. Mensa has a soft and smooth voice.

His recent EP The Manuscript showcases that nicely on the tracks. Specifically, the first track “Almost There” feat Mr. Hudson has a great sing-along chorus. By the final one listeners will have it memorized.

Long-time fans will catch Mensa rapping about his family heritage in Africa. He speaks of the contentious film The Birth of a Nation as a frame of reference. It’s his most lyrically controversial track and will undoubtedly catch attention.

The second track, “OMG” feat Pusha T is a club banger. The party song produces a sound completely opposing the opening track. It shows Mensa’s range, and fans will appreciate hearing it during a night out. This chorus is guaranteed to stay with each listener long after the song is over. The repetitive nature of the lyrics is addictive and easy to learn.

“Rolling Like a Stoner” is exactly how one would think it is. The vibe is catchy and chill. It is the most head-bopping car jam out of the four tracks. Summer has officially started meaning bonfires, barbecues and booze. This is a summer song that should be on everyone’s Spotify playlist. Fans of the Kottonmouth Kings’ marijuana smash “420” can kick back and relax with this one too.

The final track of the EP is the true standout. “Rage” is the most ear catching. If this is Mensa at his best he delivers. A combination of singing and rapping keeps the song intriguing. Mensa has mentioned in the past one of his influences is hip-hop superstar Eminem. It is comparable to Eminem’s “Hailie’s Song” based on tone. “Rage” is lyrically superior to his other tracks. The swift transition between rapping and singing flows well.

If this EP was meant to be a tease to keep fans interested Mensa gets the point across. These ears had never experienced Mensa until The Manuscript. Now he can add one more fan to his list.

Rating: 4/5

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